beauty Care

Many a time our bodies are subjected to environments that have an adverse effect on them. Extended periods on the beaches in summer and a surfeit of cocktail parties can cause havoc to skin. Pollution, dirt and smoke and poor eating habits that harm our organs are some of the others. In trying to rectify them, we often use an abundance of creams and lotions that are laced with damaging and toxic chemicals that does more harm than good to the skin. If you adopt a holistic approach to beauty health care your body will be well nourished and you will not show early signs of ageing.

However, there are no quick fixes in total body care. You have to build up the defenses over time and look for long term solutions. Here are a few of them to help you on your way.

  • Dietary habits – Eat a balanced diet that is rich in fatty acids and minerals with lots of green vegetables that contain enough water to keep you hydrated. Drinking more water will stop the tendency to develop dry and chapped skin. This is why you should lay off alcohol and caffeine which are the primary causes of dehydration. Reduce intake of sugar, wheat, fried foods and dairy products as they cause an acidic environment and inflammation. Avoiding these foods can substantially increase your skin clarity and lead to a fresh well rejuvenated look.
  • Use natural and non-toxic cosmetics and skin care products – Constant use of chemical based lotions and creams can damage your skin, resulting in signs of pre-mature ageing. Once in a while, visit a top end beauty salon and spa for skin rejuvenation treatments. Check whether the clinic has the latest equipment and technologically advanced devices to optimise beauty care treatments. These will include the latest laser based and IPL hair removal machine. Most of these salons will also have a tattoo removal machine so if you have been planning to have a tattoo removed quickly and effectively, this will be your chance.
  • Showering for skin care – Before you shower, dry brush yourself to remove skin debris such as dead cells. It will also stimulate circulation and flush out body toxins through the lymphatic system. The bath or shower should be with lukewarm water only. You should fix a shower filter too since unfiltered water might contain traces of chemical compounds such as fluoride and chlorine which alkalises water. It leads to changing the skin’s PH causing dryness.

There are several other measures that you can take to ensure a holistic approach to beauty health care. Searching the Internet is your best bet to gather more information on this topic.