Health Benefits of Ayurveda

Ayurveda, one of the oldest forms of natural healing is a 5000-year-old medicinal system with its roots in India. However, this medicinal form is now more prevalent in other countries as well. Ayurvedic medicines concentrate on health and wellness by harmonising the mind, body and spirit.

Here are some more benefits to resorting to this traditional healthcare.

  • Lowers Stress and Anxiety

As stress is related to nearly every aspect of overall health, ayurvedic medicine practitioner might call for a number of different techniques used to naturally treat anxiety and depression symptoms, lower cortisol and rebalance the body’s hormones. The techniques include meditation, breathing exercises, herbal treatments, skin brushing or repeating inspirational mantras.

  • Hormonal Balance

Ayurveda can help balance the hormonal disturbances in the body in a natural way resulting in a healthy body. In the year 2010, a study done by some researchers in University of Colombo found that using essential oils can help balance hormones. Ayurveda prescribes natural formations and various therapeutic properties to help with all ill effects of hormonal imbalance.

  • Cleanses the Body

Ayurvedic medicine promotes internal cleansing for improved health. Panchakarma a process in Ayurveda helps in getting rid of food and toxins that interfere with efficient body function. Oils and massage therapy help get the body working properly by moving toxins from the tissues to the intestines to remove them from the body.

  • Healthy and Glowing Skin

This is one of the greatest benefits of Ayurveda as the pollution and hectic life schedule take a toll on the skin. Ayurveda has tons of proven tricks to help keep your skin soft and radiant without spending much money.

  • Prevents Diabetes

Diabetic patient passes urine in high levels and frequently urinates during the night, thirst levels are enhanced and there might be weight gain/loss, UTI, fatigue and blurred vision. Ayurveda treated diabetes mainly based on the changes in the lifestyle along with diet and medications.

The above-mentioned are few of the benefits of Ayurveda for the whole mind and body.